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Merano & its surrounding area

Merano is waiting for you with a mixture of Mediterranean flair and unspoilt mountain scenery, complemented with diverse cultural offers.

The surroundings around the spa town of Merano are full of variety. Palm trees, cypresses, vineyards and even olive trees flourish here thanks to the mild climate. A charming alpine landscape is waiting for you on the way to the mountain tops, with mixed forests all the way up to glaciers. The town itself has many facets:
As a cultural city with film, theatre, music, and exhibition events which are held throughout the entire year, including the music festival in late summer and the wine festival in November.

Highlights of staying in Merano include a visit to the Trauttmansdorff Botanical Gardens, the horse-racing course, the Merano arena, the Merano thermal baths, and of course the Merano 2000 skiing and hiking region.

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